Saturday, July 2, 2011

make a blurb book for free! :)

hey guess what?  the blurb book of headless self portraits I made arrived yesterday!  it's pretty cool to actually see your creation in print.  hear the pages flip, feel the texture.  this was a really fun project for me and now I have the opportunity to give out a $75 coupon to one reader so you can have the chance to make your own book.
now yours doesn't have to be a photo book like mine.  it can be text, or both.  it's all up to you.  making a book through blurb is super easy too.  you can change layouts, choose paper quality and add pages, all sorts of options.  so weather your making yours for yourself or to sell for profit this is a great opportunity to experience the process and get a really cool book that you self published too.
so if you'd like a chance to create your own blurb book worth $75 all you have to do is leave a comment here on my blog telling me what you would like to make your book about and I'll enter you in the drawing.  if you prefer you can leave a comment for me on my flickr or send me a tweet, just be sure to mention the book coupon so I'll know it refers to this post. or comment with all three and get extra chances~  ;)

the contest begins today and runs through saturday july 9th, I'll choose and post the winner on the 10th.  all I require is a valid email address for you so I can provide it to blurb and they can email you your unique coupon code.

see how fun it is to create, publish and then flip through your own book >>>>

my book on a actual coffe table!

the book has been very well received in my house, as you can see

feel free to preview my book for inspiration here or at the bottom of this page.

so, what's your book gonna be about then? 


  1. Hey, fantastic idea! I am currently doing a project called 52Laughs ( and would use the coupon to make a book from this. It is an amazing project, and I love the way it is looking already!

  2. I agree with Corin, the idea is great!
    For a while I have been creating a world of my own. A world that I escape to when I'm feeling low, or just need to get away for a while. This world has it's own language, it's own laws, it's own gods and it's own species, In fact, it's starting to get pretty huge. For ages I have wanted to put this into a book, all of the idea's and imaginings that I have dreamed up, a book that anybody can read when they are down, and escape to if they need to. A book that I can pass to the next generation, and that they can pass on to the next, next generation and so on. A book that there will only ever be one of, but that, there COULD only ever be one of.
    This is what I would do.

  3. Count me in, altho I have a feeling you have to live in the States to use the voucher?

  4. A few people have been suggesting I made a book of my 365 portraits when I'm finished. I'm a little apprehensive about it, but that coupon could help me figure it out and change my feelings.


  5. I'm going to do a book of my humourous stuff entiltled Photocillin, laughter is the best medicine

  6. I would LOVE that coupon, I've got a ton of poems and short stories I want to publish one day, I was thinking about putting some of my photos in there too! Anyway umm enter my name in the drawing :)

  7. Oh goodness yes! I want to make a blurb book and that coupon would make it so easy ;-)

    I want to make a book of my most interesting selfies & one of my best canine shots.

    thanks for offering this
    i hope i win!

  8. hello elle! saw the cutoff date is tomorrow... would love to do a compilation of my dance photos... you inspire! thank you for offering this <3

  9. I love making blurb books! I want to make 2 in the next little while - a book with my 365 photos, and a book covering my month in Aus/NZ. Pick me, pick me! :)

  10. Wow Elle!! That's such an amazing looking book!
    I've been playing with blurb for a while now, maybe i should actually make one for myself lol


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