Sunday, February 13, 2011

heading south

got a bunch of shots from this weekends trip to point defiance park.  we hit several tacoma points of interest including frisko freeze for shakes & burgers.  :-)  the weather was cooperative and by the time it was storming out we were safely tucked away eating hearty bowls of beef barley soup with salad, crusty bread and cheese with all our friends.

here are the photos, pretty much in order...

 we started with food because we're not dumb. ;-)

a very cool 1960 buick invica


chocolate cherry

from inside the conservatory at wright park

magical giant sequoia.

slacker seagull

bokeh paul

time for a quick selfie.  may use a more tweaked version for my 52 this week.

all taken at the japanese garden in point defiance park

love this killer shallow depth of focus!

fort nisqually.  I converted some to a rough black and white for a better feel.

and homemade spice cake for desert.  delicious! 

 that was my saturday, thanks for looking.  how was yours?


  1. Nice photo journal of a fun day. Well done, my friend...

  2. The car, tulips and tree photos are amazing Elle :)

  3. thanks so much you guys! it was a really fun time.


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