Thursday, February 10, 2011

my dance socks international

when one has a pro account at flickr you have access to your stats which tell you where views of your photos are coming from. it's not particularly in depth or anything but it is interesting.  I also found out one of my photos is being used in a beauty blog that I know nothing about.  I've seen my stuff in plenty of personal blogs before but nothing like this.  I eye it over and put together my polite email requesting credit for my own work in my head.  I'm not at all opposed to my photos being used for such things but I'd like to be credited, that's all. 
huh?  oh man, this story is about toe nail fungus and how to avoid it.  !!!!  goddamn it!  I'm totally cracking up now, by the way. 
awesome, my photo goes with toe nail fungus.  :-|
actually there are two photos and they are both lovely, mine included.  it just really makes me laugh is all.  oh and by the way, they did put a link at the bottom to my original image on flickr and I consider that credit.  so thank you Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog!!!  thank you for using my work in your article and for giving me due credit.  Namaste~

my original photo       {dance socks}

the link to the beauty blog is here.

think I'll post some of my favorite socks photos here in a day or two.  please check back if you'd like to see them. :-)


  1. That's so naughty of them to not have asked first!! Glad you took it the right way tho, and its flattering I suppose too :)

  2. it is flattering to find ones photos! silly that's for such a yucky sounding article. :-\


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