Tuesday, September 25, 2012

behind the scenes - birds nest shoot

I've been wanting to do a shoot at this giant pile of branches that's piled up in the very front of Magnuson Park for a long time.  this past saturday I finally had the perfect combination of good weather and a great model.  

this pile is basically that.  the area of the park where maintenance lay all the cut branches and tree trunks from throughout the park.  when I went to scout the location earlier I found that it was laid out rather well.  you could see there were no animals living in it and that it could be surmounted with a bit of help. yay! finally my birds nest shoot~

extra large birds nest.

not far from the car but the ground was deceivingly uneven. lots of holes underneath that grass.

my model Freya is a pretty free spirit and was totally up to try to climb into the "birds nest" so I picked up a couple of small brown area rugs at the thrift store a few days before the shoot so she would have something to lay over the pile and climb across.  when she got to the end of one she could lay down another and so on until she reached the center of the nest.  while the rubber bottoms of the rugs were nice and grippy and the fluffy top was sort of comfortable the rugs did nothing to help free her from all the clinging branches that tried to hold onto her.  

Freya in position and placing black goose feathers in her hair.

laughing and battling the brambles...

you can really see the size of the nest in this image

she was great, such a trooper and we got a lot of amazing shots one of which I posted yesterday and there are many more to follow.  I hope you enjoyed a behind the scenes look at my birds nest shoot, some thing I've been wanting to try for quite a while. :)


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