Saturday, February 26, 2011

arboretum in winter

last week my friend Len and I strolled through the UW Arboretum to clear our minds and get some air.  the weather wasn't all that great but it was nice to be there again.  I scouted places to shoot and went back today.  the weather was worse this time.  light snow all day.  I knew I wanted to do some jumps and that required a flippy skirt to accentuate the springiness.  so brrrrrr there.  I arrived and took the short cut of climbing the hill past the gazebo to get up onto the main road through.  I was lucky and dominated the hill like a mountain goat in wedge heels.  the ground was so frozen that it was crunchy and easier to maneuver.  quite happy I did not fall on my ass in my frilly pink skirt before any photos were snapped.  I was looking for the same service road Len and I wandered down all the way to the visitors center.  at a certain point it listed downward slowly and had a cool jag to the left.  I thought it would be a good stop for a jump.

please, click to view this large!

me. being a dork

then I wandered back down the road to the mountain ashes, or rowan trees.  I remembered a spot underneath one of them that was covered in green clover and looked like a nice place to lay down.  well, I didn't lay down today, with the ground so frozen, but sit a spell and snap some photos I did.

I stayed and shot until my battery was dead and I was pretty much ready to go. mountain goat down the hill and I'm motoring home to the warmth of a modern condo and thoughts of chowder for dinner. 
today was fun but tomorrow I'm shooting inside, for sure!



  1. I love the one you've marked "being a dork" its a fun shot.Looks a lovely place to stroll and snap :) Maybe you can go back in the summer

  2. beauty-filled... love the verdant and soul-filled images / self-portraits... touches of spring... and blue feather...

  3. @Ronnie Thank you!! I sorta liked that one too. I will positively plan to go back this summer.

  4. @leela Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! ain't that great? I just found the feather that way. I'm sure someone on the path before me put it that way but I'd like to think its more magical than that. ;-)

    and thank you so much for following my blog!


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