Saturday, February 19, 2011

new phone, better pics

finally got a new phone!  I really needed one, my old blackberry was crap.  I chose the HTC HD7 windows phone because it had the features I wanted and it was free.  :-)  after 2 days of having no idea how to work it, I now love this phone.  it's easy to operate, has a large touch screen and isn't too heavy to carry around.

image courtesy of digitaltrends
one of the best parts is the camera on this phone.  so much better than the old one.  it even has a few different settings to choose from to make your photos look their best.  last weekend I took both my HTC phone and my Sony DSLR out to the lake for a shoot off.  I spotted an overturned leaf that had gathered dew and looked great.  I shot a similar photo of a feather a while back but I figured this would do for the challenge. 

here are the photos I shot with the HTC.  I believe it was on macro mode for these.

not too shabby for a phone camera.  now here are two that I shot with my Sony.

the biggest difference being depth of focus.  maybe a bit of color difference.  the HTC can't match the sony but it's still impressive for a camera phone.  I can't wait to take it to a concert, see if it does a decent job or not.



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