Thursday, November 6, 2014

the dollhouse

it's November and the weather here has finally turned.  it's been really hard to get outside to take photos there has been so much rain.  when it gets like this, or it's full on Winter, I usually start searching through my archives to see what I can make out of what's there.  I liked this shot of Brooke so I started playing with it.  I tried several things, popping in animals, making her dress ridiculously long.  none of them were quite right so I knew I'd need to work with what was there and try to make it interesting on its own.  her pose seemed doll-like so I applied a strong blur and made the background colors more whimsical to appear like a dollhouse with the most perfect doll simply sitting, waiting, straightening out her dress until it's time to play again~

please see my recent interview with art & literature magazine Section 8

muse: Brooke Nichole
stylist: Kendrik Osorio
MUA: Pavy Artistry
hair: Kerrie Urban
clothing by: Angela Dean, and PRB PR
shoes: House of Devali
jewelry: Marisa Youlden Jewelry

the dollhouse

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