Wednesday, August 6, 2014

elle love frida

elle love frida

I've wanted to something Frida Kahlo inspired for a long time & I decided a self portrait would be an  appropriate homage.  I knew I wanted to have a cigar and smoke in the image and was inspired by the mystery created in this image.  I braided my hair and arranged flowers in it and snapped away while learning to try and control the smoke.  good god that thing tasted awful!!  after I finally could take no more I found a good face shot and a good lower body shot from when I tilted the camera down a bit and put them together.  from there it was just a matter of balancing and correcting, making each braid similar in size, giving more volume to the flowers, straightening out my uneven lips so the line of light down my face was all the more highlighted.  and of course adding in a few hairs between my eyebrows.  :)  all in all this was a pretty complicated edit for a portrait shot with no obvious photoshopping.  I'm quite happy with it.  it came out nearly as perfect as it was in my head.

on a side note I have finally quit my day job to pursue art full time. YAY!!!  I'm super excited and a tiny bit scared, but mostly thrilled and ready to begin this new phase of my career as an artist.  got some big plans in the works so pleased stay tuned.  I promise to try and thrill you on a regular basis~


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