Friday, July 20, 2012

flying against the wind

flying against the wind by elle.hanley
flying against the wind, a photo by elle.hanley on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
another from my visit to the Washington coast. I was hoping to find a large bleached piece of driftwood to stand in front of for this image but unfortunately there weren't that many giant pieces and they were all pushed up against the shore in a line after the last high tide so they were also hard to get to. this rock was pretty cool so I gave it a try. goose feathers courtesy of the flock at the lake by my house. and in case you were wondering who I take a lot of my photo adventures with it's this guy. always travel with a buddy. he's kind of a nut but he's also a good driver. ;) he also just got a new Canon and a bunch of new lens so you should check his stream out.

TGIF!! I have a vacation day today so I got to sleep in. it is of course raining though. :/ hopefully it will clear up later. have a great weekend ya'll!

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