Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Govan schoolhouse photo adventure

on Saturday a friend and I went for a drive out to Govan WA to find an abandoned old schoolhouse to photograph.  we'd seen some photos of it but nothing new since September 2011 so we hoped that the old place would still be standing after the winter.  we were very pleased to see it still standing, no one around and even quite a bit of color still on the shingles and walls inside.  the front stairs were gone and the porch area was at about my shoulder height.  the boards were extremely weak but once past that the rest of the floor was in pretty good condition.  owls roosting in the eaves.  the skeleton of a cupola. built in 1906 and closed in 1942 when they started busing the kids to Wilbur.  a two room school house.  one room for K through 4th grade, the other for grades 5 through 9. what an amazing piece of history!  

here are some of the photos I took while there.... 

my view from where the stairs would be

my friend Paul making sure I haven't fallen through the floor. :)

the awesome butterfly that landed on my vitamin water~

~me in my prop dress with my pink heart shaped sunglasses~


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