Thursday, July 28, 2011

208 | 365

208 | 365 by Viva Deva
208 | 365, a photo by Viva Deva on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
her ghosts

yesterday I went home after work and installed PS CS5, waxed my legs, showered and washed my hair, ate a bunch of cookies and watched some tele. then I tried to take a selfie and they were all crap. too late to go outside because it was dark by then and I was starting to get irritated not being able to produce anything good so I decided to give myself the night off. :) I edited 2 more photos of this girl instead and I'm using one for my 365 because I don't wanna be behind again and I freakin' felt like it. it's a cheat to be sure but it's alright because I've formed a committee to investigate the validity of my cheat and I am the sole member of said committee. please be quite while the committee conviens. ……………………. I have decided the cheat is valid. The photo will stand as 208 | 365. :) phew~

TGIT already

texture: les brumes

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ps uploading from work sucks because people won't stop gabbin' at me so I can get it poseted. suppose I should do some work now....

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  1. absolutely! it could be you in the picture if one didn't look at it too closely ;~)


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