Wednesday, June 22, 2011

back to birch bay!

Birch Bay Washington is pretty far up there. 
almost to the Canadian border but not quite. 
it's also where I spent so many of my summers growing up as a child.  playing for hours out in the half moon bay where when the tide goes out it goes out for miles.  collecting starfish, sandollars and tiny flounder to keep in my bucket for a bit.
our family would go clamming and crabbing out on the bay and then come home and eat like kings.  fourth of July fireworks over the water.  beach bar-be-ques.  hot dogs, potato salad, and watermelon slices.  ice cream and popsicles.
it was really great to be back there and the weather was warm and gentle so it was a fantastic trip down memory lane for me. 
I hope you enjoy the photos~

it was raining as we started out but soon gave way to sunshine

hot coffee and cream when we arrived at Calico Cupboard

the view from the dining area above down onto the dining below and bakery counter

paul had a scramble with mushrooms, spinach and parm cheese. nom!

I had the ham and cheese quiche with a salad. sooo good!!

we had already decided to get giant cookies to go but caved in when we saw these pecan tarts and got one as well

there she is, getting a ginger molasses for me and a peanut butter for paul

the shots below are from the attached vintage shop Re Feather Your Nest

birch bay, right ahead!!

first shot of the beach right out of the car

there happened to be a sandcastle competition on the beach that day

this place used to be a video game arcade and packed with kids

I think this was always some sort of restaurant, can't remember though,  it's always been there

The C Shop, the candy store at the end of the beach, down the road a bit.  walking distance for kids.  when kids could walk places that is.

there's an ice cream parlor next door too. NOM!!!

I got rocky road in a sugar cone, paul got moose tracks

the skies still sunny on us as we head for home

the rains came back as we approached the city.
it was such a blast to be back at the beach of my childhood

many thanks to paul, my trusty driver, to calico cupboard and the c shop for the yummy vittles and to you for looking at all my photos heer on my blog!!



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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful trip, lovely food and how lucky they were having a sandcastle contest at the time. Lovely shot of you looking out to sea. Will be thinking of you this weekend at my campout, shame you live so far away. xx


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