Tuesday, May 31, 2011

many thanks friends!!

just a quick note to say thank you so much for the wonderful comments you guys have been leaving for me. 

I makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside~ 

seriously, thank you so very much for your support!!


I also FINALLY figured out how to create a "grab my blog button" square.  see said button on the right sidebar.
took me long enough... anyway, I'm always pleased to help promote your blog since you've been so kind in reading mine.  if you'd like to swap blog buttons just copy and paste mine to your site and leave me a comment with your blog address so I'll know to go and grab yours.

if you'd like a "grab my blog button" and don't know where to start drop me a line and I'd be more than happy to help you create one. 

thanks ya'll~


  1. Oh, goodness, lol! Me oh my oh! I put your button up the minute you put it out! If it doesn't clash I'd be grateful if you displayed mine! You can resize it if you need to. I can also send you a code instead that will open my Poetr Blog onto an entirely new page without leaving yours. I do that with all of my button and banner ads because I love to help but not if people are just going to leave mine to go somewhere else, lol! Also, still working on that poem. Inspiration hits all on it's own time, but once I have a picture, it will hit, and I do have one of yours that I absolutely adore! Please email me for that code and I'll send it all ready to paste in a text widget. I can make display at it any size you like, so if you want one the size of yours I can change it. Mine is a little bigger. Thanks Ms. Elle! :)

  2. My English is atrocious today! Look at that mess I left above, lol!

  3. your button has been grabbed and stuck. I think it looks rather smart, no? ;) thanks so much for posting my button and I know what you mean about having them open in another window!

    your blog is spectacular by the way~

  4. Thank you, Ms. Elle! And Thank you again!


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