Wednesday, May 11, 2011

131 | 365

131 | 365, originally uploaded by Viva Deva.

Via Flickr:
aaaaaannnd it's raining here again. : \

sheesh, one nice day and then back to rain. poo.

this is the skirt my flickr friend sent me. so pretty it deserves another photo~
I've also noticed I take a lot of shots of my legs....


  1. Well if you have nice legs, flaunt them I say! The skirt really suits you, shame about the rain tho, but summer will be here soon

  2. Ms. Elle, your work is classy, artistic, beautiful under every imaginable category, and I relish the idea that when I can make the time I get to go through it all and explore the visions of your heart through your art. :)

  3. Your art, your eye for it, the skirt and your legs are all very classy, indeed.


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