Tuesday, February 8, 2011

overcome by art

the newest photo in my 365.  overcome by art.

I'm quite happy with it as I only had an evening to concieve the idea, shoot, edit and post it.  I was telling a flickr friend that I think I've been spending too much time looking at the works of Brooke Shaden and Miss Aniela lately.  the art these ladies produce is so incredible and inspiring.  I'm sure that's where I got the want to twist and curve my body for last nights photo.  on another note, why the hell are the most painful and limb numbing poses the ones that appear so easy and natural in photos??!?!  it may not look it, but this hurt!

any price for ones art, eh?


  1. I've always loved this one! And I love the way you got your hair to look so good in it.

  2. thanks!! I think I'll always like this one quite a lot. :-)


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