Thursday, March 17, 2011

37 of 52 - orange you glad?

37 of 52 - orange you glad?, originally uploaded by Viva Deva.

diggin' this one. hope you do to.

happy happy st. paddy's day to you!!

xo, elle


  1. Hi Elle, love this one in colour. Happy St.Pats day to you too, sorry its a bit late, been springcleaning my studio...or should I say decluttering the junk thats been stacking in there over the winter lol!Check the post in about 6 weeks, something on its way to you, sorry its going to take that long :/

  2. REALLY?!?!? oh I can't wait! I love getting fun stuff in the mail. how very sweet of you. thank you so much! I'll let you know when it arrives~


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